The “Hotter than Hell” Pepper Challenge

We know pepper challenges, and this is competition will be the most insane heat challenge you’ve seen. 
Forget swallowing whole peppers, the milk, the sympathy.  We know the supports that competitors use to get through these challenges, and we’ve REMOVED THEM ALL. 

Welcome to the Pepper Challenge from Hell….

Thanks to these brutal fresh peppers this multi-round pepper challenge will be done in ascending order from habanero to hotter than hell reapers. 
Each round, contestants will chew up two peppers and wait five minutes…and so on and so forth, through the last round.  
If more than one person happens to survive, we have a death round planned to weed out the competition.  There can be only one.  

 Sign up early, as these slots are limited. (10 seats are open for each day of this contest)